Room Configuration


We aim to provide an environment that is warm and nurturing to the infants and babies entrusted in our care. By forming partnerships with parents, family/whanau we reinforce to the child a sense of stability and reassurance which enables us to provide a stimulating environment which fosters their individual needs.


We aim to provide an environment that is nurturing and supportive to our young explorers. By providing a programme that is based on your child's individual needs we can support and nurture their development to enable them to grow in to competent and confident learners.


By providing a safe and stimulating environment this enables children to confidently engage in their learning and seek new and exciting experiences and opportunities. Our teachers aim to provide this type of environment for the children and encourage and welcome parent and family/whanau involvement in their child's learning.


At this stage we believe it is essential for children to develop the skills and confidence for the expectation of the school experience. While providing a more semi structured environment and routine we aim to work alongside parents and family/whanau to ensure the programme and expectations required are developed to meet the individual needs of each child.