Our Beliefs

Our objective is to provide the basis from which a child builds their life.

The early childhood years are important as children develop at a different pace and in individual ways. Children are born with an innate ability that will be carefully nurtured through education, role modelling and providing an environment to stimulate growth and development. The environment will be safe, non-threatening and provide security.

Through Te Whâriki, an educational and stimulating environment is created, encouraging curiosity, creativity and exploration.

Children, families and staff will be treated with respect and be mindful of needs, culture, diversity and individuality.

The programme will provide an environment conducive to education and enjoyment and provides a stimulus for child interest and child initiated experiences. The programme will value the need for children to learn through play, experience new challenges, practice skills in all developmental areas so as to realise their full potential! Children will be actively encouraged to integrate with peers and develop socially. The experiences provided will inspire children to learn about themselves and the world around them, by introducing new and varied activities.

Those caring for our children will be knowledgeable of child development, sensitive to the needs of children and their families, have an understanding of developmentally appropriate practice and following guidelines. This will be accomplished through professional development training, mentoring and support.

To achieve our aims a consultative process will occur where decision making is shared and information is made readily available. Families and Whanau will be encouraged to be actively involved in all areas of the Centre's activities and programmes. Their input will be respected and actively sought. Communication between staff, families and associated community services on an ongoing basics are imperative to our service.